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Prices Milton, GA


1st Dog 2nd Dog
1/2 Day (less 5 hrs) $20 +$18
Full Day $30 +$25
10 Full Day Pass $275 +$225
20 Full Day Pass $525 +$425


Dog Boarding: First Dog Rate Second Dog Rate Third Dog Rate Activities
For dogs<30 pounds
$45 $40 Not allowed Three 10-15 min individual walks, One hour-long activity
$50 $40 $35 Three 10-15 min individual walks, One hour-long activity
$75 $40 $35 Three 10-15 min individual walks, Three hour-long activities

Assuming dogs from same family are able to stay in same living accommodation


Cat Boarding: First Cat Rate Second Cat Rate Third Cat Rate
28in x 28 in (4ft tall)
$25 $20 Not allowed
28in x 28 in (7ft tall)
$45 $20 $15
Cages/Tanks: First Animal Second Animal(s)+
Cages/Tanks $20 $15

Assuming cats from same family are able to stay in same living accommodations.


  • 15% Extended Stay Discount (15+ consecutive nights)
    • Cancellations MUST be via email, NOT phone call so we can keep a record of cancellations/no-shows
  • Late Checkout Fee: $15 for pick-ups after 12:00pm (all room sizes)
  • Additional Activities: $8 for one additional activity, $18 for two additional activities(‘daycare package’) Activities cannot be added to penthouse room because it already included the maximum number of activities!
  • Kennel Food: Per ROOM, not per dog!
    • $5/day for 0-3 cups per day.
    • $10/day for anything greater than 3 cups per day.
  • ‘Manager Handle Only’ Dog Boarding: $5 more per night (this would apply only to human-reactive animals, not medical cases, etc.) – If this applies to your animal, you will know in advance!
  • ‘Manager-to-Feed’ Dog Boarding: $5 more per night per dog (This applies if the feeding is complicated enough that a manager would have to perform the feedings) If this applies to your animal, you will know in advance!
  • All dogs get a free ‘refresh’ at the end of their boarding stay; this means we give them a good brushing, a waterless bath, and cologne! If you would like to add a full-service bath or any other spa extras to your pet’s stay, check out our pricing and request services at drop off!

Holidays we are closed on:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Holidays we have reduced hours on:

Christmas EVE & New Year’s Eve – Open 9am-12pm


Short Coat Breeds
0-30Ib Jack Russell, Chihuahua, Pugs, Mixes $25
Long Coat Breeds
0-30Ib Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Bichon, some Doodles, Mixes Starting at $30
*Prices increase depending on condition of coat*
Short Coat Breeds
31-40Ib Beagles, Bulldogs, Mixes $30
Long Coat Breeds
31-40Ib Some Doodles, Brittany Spaniel, Mixes Starting at $35
*Prices increase depending on condition of coat*
Short Coat Breeds
41Ib+ Boxers, Pits, Dobermann, Weimaraner, Pointers, Hounds, Mixes $35
Long Coat Breeds
41Ib+ Poodles, Husky, Shepherds, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retrievers, Collies, some Doodles, Mixes Starting at $45 *Prices increase depending on condition of coat*
Short Coat Breeds
70Ib+ Great Danes, Mastiffs, Swiss Mountain Dogs, Mixes $40
Long Coat Breeds
70Ib+ Shiloh Shepherd, Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Akita, Malamutes, Mixes Starting at $65 *Prices increase depending on condition of coat*
  • Bathing/grooming appointments MUST arrive no later than 11am
  • Haircut appointments MUST arrive no later than 10am


Teeth Brushing $10 Furminator *De-Shed* (Based on Size) $20-$40
Nail Clipping $10 Deep Conditioning Treatment $15
Nail Dremel $15 Detangling Brush Out $10-$25
Anal Glands *External Only* $10 De-Matting *Non-Severe ONLY* $20-$50
Medicated Shampoo *Dry Skin Treatment* $15 Bandana or Bubble Bath Picture $10
brown puppy of a badger dog
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Our Client Reviews

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 28 reviews

Tony B.

Left a dog for a few weeks while on vacation. My dog returned happy and in shape. Can not ask for more, they treated him well. My dog will be back for sure, facility is looking great and people VERY friendly. Chip loves you all.

Jason and Kristin C.

We have been taking our two dogs (hound mix and cocker spaniel) to Countryside for boarding for years. The staff is friendly, attentive, and easy to work with, and they seem to genuinely care about every animal in their care. Every single time that we've picked up our dogs, they've seemed happy, healthy, well taken care of, and in good spirits. Also noteworthy is that one of our dogs has glaucoma and therefore has lots of daily eye drops - Countryside handled this perfectly during our recent time away. We highly recommend Countryside - they are the best in the business!

Rebecca W.

The absolute best place to both kennel and do daytime playdates for your dogs. The staff truly love and take care of your furbabies! They are very good about giving meds if needed as well. The facility is always immaculate, even during busy season it never smells of urine or feces. My dogs always come home happy and very tired. The only thing is that they are so good they have become super busy so you have to book vacation stays a month or so our at minimum (further out for holidays). Thanks countryside for being amazing!

Brittany B.

I really enjoy bringing my dog to Countryside Pet Estates. When I was looking around last year for a place to board her, they not only had the best prices but the staff was so friendly and very hands on. I was even able to call during her first stay there to see how she was doing and they brought one of the caretakers watching over her on the phone to explain how she was fairing during each activity and put my mind completely at ease! Now almost a year later, I take her once a week for daycare so she can get some interaction with other dogs and run off some energy. They are very accommodating, the facility is super clean, and I know that the staff is taking good care of my dog! I couldn't imagine taking her somewhere else!

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